Jousting Harcourt Park!

During this event a tiny part in Wellington slips back to the medieval era to enjoy the thrill of the joust. But there’s plenty of other events, archery, medieval battles, and something for everyone. But if you do go, there are a few pointers, after all it was dangerous back then, so –

1) Watch out for dragons!

2) Watch out for horses 🙂 Actually most of the watching out is just so you don’t miss how gorgeous they are, so enjoy, but stay back from the ropes and leave some of these highly strung horses to the experts, especially when they’re about to joust.



Young warrior

3) Watch  out young warriors for opportunities to try your hand at bow and arrow and other activities.

4) Go have fun, and talk to the re-enactors and enjoy something that you would struggle to see anywhere else in the world. 🙂 And it’s just down the road in Upper Hutt.


Definitely a point! – A broken jousting tip

Hiding Dragon

Hidden Dragon, not hiding well enough

Dragon Weta

Dragon – I think I killed him!


young warrior is getting into the spirit of the event!


more jousting tips flying! So fun to see live! 🙂


If you look closely, you can see the jousting tips flying!


You can see a veritable cloud of jousting tips – that has to be 6 points!

IMG_5052 IMG_5059 IMG_5068 IMG_5077 IMG_5087 IMG_5098  P1010637 P1010647 P1010650 P1010654   P1010659 P1010670

This event it so much fun, we’d like to thank all those who put it on every two years.

so thank you,

A.J. Ponder and Ike

P.S. So if you get a chance, grab some friends and go!

Wizards Guide to Wellington is available in good New Zealand bookstores, as well as Amazon, Wheelers and Fishpond

PPS (please note this post has been updated now the event is over)


About ajponder

A.J. Ponder is the award winning author of Wizard's Guide to Wellington, Miss Lionheart and the Laboratory of Death, as well as a number of well-regarded short stories, including Dying for the Record.
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