22 Reasons Living in Wellington will Ruin Your Life

Buzzfeed has 53 Reasons Living In New Zealand Will Ruin You For Life here… So in the same spirit, here are 10 reasons Wellington will ruin your life…

Because whatever the weather, or the disaster…blue skies are always just around the corner.WGBuilding

You can ride the cable car to work (or play) every dayIke-riding-Cable-Car.

You never know who you are going to meet…631

…when you’re off to the theatres, the coffee, the waterfront and the…DSCF0046

museum.Museum 220

Everyone gets in on the action…including the suburbs (Upper Hutt’s biannual jousting tournament and medieval fair).IMG_4345

Gollum lives in the airport.Gollum with Ike

Work or play, there’s almost always a view…Wellington Wellington 102

…balls…Wellington 135

…buckets…Wellington 300


…and sunsets.Wellington 140

There’s a little excitement around every corner. IMG_3551

A little more excitement. birdman s 004

…and maybe a little mystery.Perrin Alec 087

It’s gorgeous…At the Bay.2001wharfgood

It’s still the capital city, full of busy bees (and politicians -but we’re a forgiving lot).Wellington 338

Opportunity is always knocking…IMG_3523

…and we have some of the most creative people in New Zealand, with a cave to show off their amazing creativity.Perrin Alec 123

Wellington is secretely magic, and everyone is in on the secret…even drycleaners.IMG_3653

Because it’s Wellington, day…Copy of Pictures welly water 207

…and night.Sunset425

ike-rescued1.jpgP.S. Ike and I know we could have posted hundreds more pictures of special places in the Wellington area, too many to name. We might add a few more another day, but in the meantime, happy New Year for 2015, all the best wherever you live from both of us.

And if you want to find out more about the magic of Wellington  check out our book, Wizard’s Guide to Wellington at Amazon and good New Zealand bookstores.


About ajponder

A.J. Ponder is the award winning author of Wizard's Guide to Wellington, Miss Lionheart and the Laboratory of Death, as well as a number of well-regarded short stories, including Dying for the Record.
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    Love this 🙂


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    Wellington, where I live.


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