The Frankie Files Book Review from young inventor/scientist

tomato MonstersAn impressive young scientist’s review of The Frankie files.  (opposite)

It’s a real privilege to get children excited about science, and it’s an amazing experiment. I can’t wait to see how it works out. Is our intrepid scientist going to have lots of tomato monsters? Or maybe some monster tomatoes?

Maybe it will end in failure, but some of the most successful experiments have been failures, that’s how penicillin was discovered.

Making a Tomato Monster

An experiment with a result you don’t like can often be as – if not more – important than one that works as expected.

So, record your results, and note any observations (things you see or think) in your conclusions. Is there anything you’d advise people to do differently next time? …

Some questions to ask yourself are: Is the experiment your own, or someone elses? Did you miss anything out? Is the original experimenter right or wrong? Did they miss something that might be important? Have other people been able to replicate (copy) the experiment with the same results?

Good luck, and have fun. Remember science isn’t about “winning” it’s about finding the answers! 🙂

The Frankie Files is published by Phantom Feather Press (phantomfeatherpress(at) and is available at Rona Gallery and Amazon. Or ask for it at your local bookstore or library.



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Frankie Files: Goodreads Giveaway!

Heads up, New Zealand Goodreads Giveaway of Frankie Files, just click the link 🙂

Goodreads Book Giveaway

The Frankie Files by A.J. Ponder

The Frankie Files

by A.J. Ponder

Giveaway ends September 08, 2017.

See the giveaway details
at Goodreads.

Enter Giveaway


I know you’re desperate to get hold of your copy of The Frankie Files, so if you can’t wait, get your copy now from Rona Gallery, or Online.

Yes, it’s mad science, but if your young inventor or scientist isn’t careful, they may actually end up learning something, as well as discovering science is amazing!

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The Mad Science Book Launch with Frankie and Lilly


 BookLaunch6pm 17 August, Rona Gallery 152 Muritai Rd
RSVP A.J (Wellington) 562 8062 or on Facebook

Come and have a blast at Rona Gallery as we launch The Frankie Files and Miss Lionheart MissLionheartThumbnail(better late than never). It’s going to be a fun celebration, with Lilly and Frankie helping out and prizes for the best Mad Scientist &/or Monster costumes!

(costumes are completely optional – most scientists look just like ordinary people!)

A.J. Ponder’s books sold at Rona Gallery from 3-20 August are part of the “Ponder This” exhibition supporting Te Omanga Hospice

For previews of Miss Lionheart and the Laboratory of Death  and The Frankie Files click on the respective titles.

see you soon,
A.J. & Eli Ponder


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Writing Lessons: Plotting, planning scheming and more

Yes, I’m giving writing lessons. If you love stories, and most especially writing them, why not learn how to grow your craft?

A couple of spaces may still be left for 10-14 yrs Wednesday Evenings May/June 2017
If you’re interested you’ll need to sign up at
0210 574 487

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PechaKucha Night and Wizard’s Guide to Wellington, Old St Pauls, 15 Oct 2016

I’ve calendarwgbuildingpacked my broomstick, sorted through some pictures, and I’m ready to talk at what looks to be a fun event. Most of all I’m looking forward to meeting some of my fans, and of course Jan Wigmore’s speech on Reading the Brain for Learning and all the other presenters.

PechaKucha is a global series of live events where people can meet, inspire and get inspired, based on a format that is fast-paced and fun. PechaKucha Night (PKN) Wellington features up to 14 presenters that delight and inspire with their narratives using a specific format where each person speaks to 20 images for 20 secs/image. Total presentation time: 6 mins & 40 secs.

Old St Paul’s Saturday 7pm 15 October 2016 Get your ticket here, or at Old St Pauls on the night.

Confirmed presenters for PechaKucha Night Wellington @ Old St Paul’s include:

Pete O’Connell // Rhysonic: Acoustic music with power tools
Rebecca Rice // Artists in Wonderland // Curator all things arty and historical at Te Papa //
Lindsay Smith // Richter City: A decade of Wellington Derby // Skanda Lass //
Graham Bathgate // A Centenarian Remembers
Pinaman Owusu-Banahene // ABSOLUTELY ADJOAA // The Accidental Creative Entrepreneur
Jan Wigmore // Reading the Brain for Learning //
Anya Satyanand // Divine Inspiration: Te Aho Tapu //
Mandi Lynn // What the Fark is a Chakra // Master Photographer & Mojo Midwife //
 Joe O’Callaghan // Roaming Robots //
A.J. Ponder//Wizard’s Guide to Wellington //
Diego Saez Ibarzabal // Ex Tenebris In Lucem (From Darkness into light) // Architect & Lighting Designer//

To find out more go to or see for information about PechaKucha Nights in over 900 cities around the world.

Have fun…


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Three Event Weekend – Wellycon, Armageddon,& Nat Sci Fi Convention

Three (no FOUR!) great events over three days, and Ike and I’ll be hiding in the least known one 🙂

WELLYCON: Boardgaming fun: 4-5 June 2016 starting at 10am the Wellingotn Boardgaming convention – if you love board games check it out here
Great for discovering brand new board games.

ARMAGEDDON: June 4-6th 2016 Queens Birthday long weekend 10am to 5pm all three days: of course you know about this event it has all these famous guests, and is a hit for cosplayers and tv watchers, and geeks of all kinds.

  • Rose McIver – IZOMBIE, ONCE UPON A TIME (Sat/Sun only)
  • David Giuntoli – GRIMM
  • Robert Duncan McNeill – STAR TREK VOYAGER, CHUCK
  • Samuel Anderson – DOCTOR WHO
  • Ray Santiago – ASH vs EVIL DEAD (Sun only)
  • Dana DeLorenzo – ASH vs EVIL DEAD (Sun only)
  • Ted Raimi – XENA, SEAQUEST DSV (Sat/Sun only)
  • Cliff Simon – STARGATE SG1
  • Graham McTavish – OUTLANDER, CREED, HOBBIT FILMS (Sun only)
  • Jed Brophy – HOBBIT FILMS, SHANNARA (Sat only)

AU CONTRAIRE (better known as the National Science Fiction and Fantasy Convention)  June 4th to June 6th 2016, The guests of honour are A.J. Fitzwater and author Juliet Marillier.

Okay- I lied – there are 4 events white worlds signing

WHITE CLOUD WORLDS EXHIBITION: how could I have forgotten about this. It’s running  Sunday 5 June, to Sunday 12 June 2016 at the New Zealand Academy of Fine Arts. Which is unmissable if you love fantasy and art.

Featuring work by over 30 artists from the popular White Cloud Worlds books, this new show will inspire and amaze with its selection of original and digital artworks aIke-rescuedwebnd sculpture from artists who have worked on some of the most well known film, graphic novel and game titles including The Hobbit and LOTR trilogies, Avatar, Mad Max: Fury Road, Wizards of the Coast, and more.

Ike and I are having fun, we hope you’re enjoying your weekend too…broomstick




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Miss Lionheart free copies and omnibus release – Merry Christmas!

Source: Miss Lionheart free copies and omnibus release – Miss Lionheart OmnibusMerry Christmas!

Merry Christmas

To celebrate the online release of the omnibus edition of Miss Lionheart, from multi-award winning author A.J. Ponder, we are going to give away 5 FREE copies of the paperback…

Kidnap yourself into mad-scientist territory with the Miss Lionheart compendium

OR read more…

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